Who are we?

Our organisation began as a translation agency over 40 years ago. Over the years, experience gained has enabled us to develop and expand into our current set-up as an editing agency, specialised in processing printed words and images.

To achieve this result, our organisation uses the services of:
Editors: technical writers and copywriters
Translators: mother-tongue experts specialised in all sectors and in all European and non-European languages
Graphic experts: graphic designers, typesetters (working in Windows and Macintosh)
Printers: equipped with the best machinery available on the market.

What do we do?

  • In the technical field: manuals, specifications, contracts, offers, balance sheets, patents, etc.
  • In the scientific field: treatises, magazines, articles, corporate journals, publications in general.
  • In the legal field: contracts, legal transactions, legal documents, etc.
  • In the commercial field: catalogues, brochures, leaflets, price lists, etc.
  • In the literary field: books, guides, series, encyclopaedias, foreign co-productions.
  • In the advertising field: graphic design for advertisements and corporate campaigns, editing publications in Italian and/or foreign newspapers and magazines, graphic design for web pages.

According to the client's specific requirements our work can be divided into:







How do we do it?

Our agency only uses professionals. A vast network of highly reliable consultants specialised in the above-mentioned fields.
This enables us to offer top quality at highly competitive rates, giving our clients the best possible value for money. SERVICE = ACCURACY + QUALITY + SPEED, for a complete package.

Sectors we specialise in?

  • Computer science
  • machine tools
  • automation
  • electronics
  • electro-mechanics
  • civil and industrial plant engineering
  • iron and steel industry
  • motoring and motorcycling
  • nautical science
  • aeronautics
  • telephony
  • finance
  • economics
  • medicine
  • pharmaceutics
  • biology
  • botany
  • architecture
  • art
  • fashion
  • law

What other services do we offer?

  • Sworn translations at the Milan court of law
  • Interpreters for business negotiations, meetings and conferences
  • Trade fair hostesses
  • Temps
  • Print on demand

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